Saturday, 3 September 2011

Impressive New Designer Kaori Okumura for DiGuardo

The great peculiarity of Kaori is the creation of her handmade sweaters,
but  hand it intends with her fingers!

What makes this lovely designer unique is the way in which all of the garments are constructed.
She has been developing the technique of fingers knitting/ finger crocheting since 2002.
By definition, Kaori only uses her fingers to create the knitwear. The only exception being when the 
buttons and labels are sewn on.

Her creation are usually knitted around a mannequin in order to mold to the three dimensional shape of the human body; also very important for the female body, which has many curves.
In fact this makes all of her garments both comfortable and flattering.

She hopes her knitwear can give back the joy of owning something personal and unique to anyone who wears it.


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