Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Important announce to our lovely Customers

Thursday 26th May DiGuardo will be open till 9.00pm - 
Again as we had a great time last week.
More NEW SUMMER COLLECTIONS will be in!!! 
See you there

Monday, 16 May 2011

Its Charlotte Taylor week at DiGuardo

                                       CHARLOTTE TAYLOR

Presenting you with the new season collection

Completely print focused. Inspired by colonial Africa.

The collection 2011 sees CHARLOTTE TAYLOR traverse down a silky wormhole of exquisite, clashing and mood-altering colours, bold contrasts and snippets of African, English Heritage and Hungarian Gypsy inspiration.
For its third season, the label has been stripped bare – focusing on the essence behind the CHARLOTTE TAYLOR charm – the weird and wonderful, the deliciously tactile, the beautifully brave – the prints.
Past prints will carry over, with new colour-ways and designs holding hands to showcase a deluxe, delectable feast for the eye.
The prints envelop duvet-sized scarves, classic silk blouses and shirts and of course the celebrated CT head scarf.
Limited edition Wallpaper prints are also a new introduction – An army of Penguins to share your bathroom with should be an addition to any self-respecting individuals’ bucket list in the 21st Century!



Young British Designers - Blog – The Penguin Lady.webarchive

The Penguin Lady
May 15th, 2011

Liberty, Cath Kidson, Orla Kiely..there’s just something about a really 
strong print maker that catches our attention, holds it and keeps us coming back for more.

Add to that a story about a young designer who just happens to be

blonde, beautiful, brave, English, quirky and terribly nice too and you have an immensely engaging brand in the making.

Charlotte Taylor exploded into our senses at Vauxhall Fashion Scout back in early 2010. 
This girl was all the things we’d set up Young British Designers to be. 
She stood apart from the rest, she had an immediate “look” all of her own
that can sometimes take a designers so many years to achieve. If they’re lucky.
She had bravely set out on a journey where she bared her soul 
to the world by virtue of her blog which was and is a frank and honest 
account of what it’s like to be an emerging designer in the big, tough, gnarly world of fashion. She took her inspiration from trashy grannies, from soap operas,
from penguins, from characters glimpsed back at home on the Isle of Wight.

She set up her rail at the Freemasons Hall, Covent Garden 
and with much trepidation stood back to see what the world and her dog made of her.

The world adored her. Her now signature yellow penguins on their cobalt 
blue silk backgrounds caught the hearts and minds
of the press and the public alike. Within a very short time indeed this girl had amassed columns full of inches.

She could have been swallowed up. She could have been ‘guided’ into being what the fashion establishment wanted her to be. But Charlotte was always going to do it her way.

We met with her back in March and she -slightly nervously- showed us her new AW11 collection. She had created what she wanted to create. Focussing upon her love of print and colour, silk and contrast. We were just awestruck. We wanted it all. We ordered it all.

Glorious, glorious colours and prints that only the penguin lady could have imagined into existence. Lobsters and ants, elephants and robots, old penguins and new. 
Joyous, exuberant, uplifting and fun. 
Set against contrasting colours that explode into your senses with visual and almost oral delectation.

Much of it is online now (and selling fast) but there are even more delights to come.

This designer is a star. And she’s shooting towards the heavens.

Leaving a shower of beautiful, sparkling colour and joy wheresoever she goes.