Saturday, 3 September 2011

Getting to know Kaori Okumura...

An interview with our designer

My name is Kaori Okumura. I am the founder of my knitwear
label "Kaori by Kaori Okumura".

Originally, I came to London to study Architecture.
However, since 2005, I have been creating and supplying my handmade knitwear to boutiques in London.

My style of knitting is rather unconventional. I do not use any needle or any hook.
Only exception is when I am making buttons or sewing on tags or care labels.

So how do I do it?
I use my bare fingers to knit.
Post 9/11 2001, bringing knitting needles had been banned on airline travel.
And I had a sister in California who I was on the way to visit.
A ball of yarn found its way in my hand luggage. 
So I decided to experiment with my fingers to relieve the boredom. 
And ever since I have never stopped.

Another unique thing about my knitwear is the way how they are produced.
My designs are knitted around the mannequin in order to mold to the 3D shape of the woman's body. 
This is especially important for the female body, which has many curves. 
I want to make my garments comfortable and complimentary. 
But this would not be possible if I was working with flat patterns, which those conventional knitwear designs rely upon.
As the majority of knitwear on the present market  are made by making the individual parts first. 
They are then assembled using the normal clothes making process. 
Jumpers, for example, are created as a flat 'T' shape. 
The wearer's body is expected to create the shape for the jumper.
And all of the garments I produce is an intensively hand-labored which is very rare nowadays.

For A/W 2011, I experimented with a wider variates of styles and stitches.
I hope they will be enjoyable to anyone who owns this unique piece of knitwear.

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