Saturday, 22 September 2018

Shopping Event at DiGuardo boutique!

Please save the date!
Shopping Event at DiGuardo boutique next Thursday 27th Sept 3-8pm.

We are celebrating our DiGuardo Autumn shop opening - with lovely company, sparkling posecco and beautiful collections!
There will be special offer on the new collection!
211 Upper Street, N1 Islington 😘

Monday, 10 September 2018

DiGuardo at 211 Upper Street from 18th September.

We’ll have new brands in store with us and a few amazing events coming up.
Come to see us and shop our beautiful Autumn/Winter collections.
We’re looking forward to seeing you all soon!
Letizia xx

Saturday, 1 September 2018

DiGuardo at 211 Upper Street on 17th September

 DiGuardo  will be at 211 Upper Street Islington N1 from 17th September.

 We’ll have new more brands in store with us. And few amazing events.

Stay Tuned. X

Monday, 14 May 2018

War & Drobe at DiGuardo boutique

War & Drobe garments are handmade in London by founder and creator of the label Nina Kovacevic. 

As a child Nina came to London fleeing the war from former Yugoslavia. It was during this time that her mother taught her the power of fashion and the strength it can bring. 

The label was named and born out of a love for empowering women through fashion and allowing them to feel fierce and feminine in their day to day lives. 
By slowing down the making process and never mass producing clothing, War & Drobe celebrates and preserves traditional artisanal sewing techniques.

Crafting clothing consciously is at the heart of the label, that’s why all fabrics used are either organic or ex-designer materials. As a sustainable fashion label War & Drobe looks at the full life cycle of the garments and what impact they leave. The label is designed for women that appreciate quirky elegance and timeless pieces they can cherish for years to come. 
The collection is available at DiGuardo, 31 Lamb’s Conduit Street until 17th June. ❤️

Monday, 7 May 2018

DOLCEROOPA SCARVES SS18 At DiGuardo boutique

Roopa Sachidanand’s illustrated scarves feature wanderlust-inspired watercolour paintings. Bold and vivid designs create collections of elaborate, vibrant prints on exquisite fabrics

The sprawling South African bush, the cacophony of buses whizzing by in the colorful city of Nairobi, the lively port of Cape Town and the graceful animals that lurk in the dense riverine bush are the inspiration for the stories in the Out of Africa collection.

The lovely collection si available at DiGuardo boutique from 17th May until 24th May.

31 Lamb's Conduit Street

Sunday, 22 April 2018

DiGuardo in Lamb’s Conduit Street from 24th April

DiGuardo  in Lamb’s Conduit Street from 24th April

We will be opening  on 24th April at 31 Lamb’s Conduit Street again with beautiful summer collections and some great events.
Let me know if you want to make an appointment with me.
I see you soon and thanks so much to everyone who supports us.

Letizia x

Friday, 13 April 2018

Special Offer at DiGuardo shop online

butter fly bijoux & restyling by Annalisa Cutore', is amazing - Every woman will feel beautiful and feminine wearing one of these precious bijoux. 
Annalisa Cutore - makes the whole collection using new and vintage materials in her little studio based in Catania - Sicily. She gets inspired by her childhood memories, sicilian culture and old family picture. 

And you can get the grey pearl necklace with 10% OFF at DiGuardo boutique - just add the code:APRIL18 at your checkout. The offer is valid until Monday 16th.