Thursday, 27 February 2020


Feminine high quality pieces with a contemporary edge, specialising in womenswear made from luxurious unique fabrics and exclusive prints. 
DiGuardo is pleased to have some of their beautiful garments in our shop online 

“Although black clothes can be a girl’s best friend”

 Too much black in a more mature wardrobe can be sometimes too hard. I’m suggesting to match black with colourful garments! Here is one of our way to wear a black skirt. 🖤🌈🌷 

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Skirts: A Feminine, Classy and work indicator

If you’re wondering what length you should wear to work, avoid styles that are higher than three inches above your knee. Whether for work or for play, be sure skirts fall at a flattering point on your leg. 🌷 

Here are some skirt ideas that are easy to incorporate into your wardrobe!

A-Line Skirt: As some of you knows that my personal favourite way to wear this type of skirt in the winter is with a form-fitting sweater or silk blouse on top and knee high boot on the bottom. 
In the summer time, a lighter wight A-lone skirt looks feminine with a cotton or silk top featuring detailing such ruffles, embroidery, or ethnic- inspired prints. Sandals are the obvious foot wear choice with any summer skirt you wear for fun.

Pencil Skirt: What makes pencil skirts modern and, yes, sexy, are the new fabrics in which they are cut and absolutely the cut of the blouse you want to match. 
This style starts at the waist and follows the natural line of the leg to its most flattering point.
A pleat at the back side or centre hem will provide greater mobility. 
Pencil skirts look most modern when worn with dainty heels.

Mid Length Skirt: This style can be surprisingly chic. If you buy a mid length skirt that is very simple. it can look stylish for years as long as you update the accessories you wear with it.
Petites, you can wear this style, too. 

You can find many kind of skirts in our shop online some are on sales and some not. 
Let me know if you need any help!