Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Options of kind of wools to wear in Spring! 🌸

Many wools can be worn year-around. There are many different types of wool used by designers to make clothing, it's handy to know a few definitions about each along with how they will work from you from season to season.

Here are the definitions of the most popular ones in our shop.

Crepe wool:  This is a very  lightweight wool with a slightly pebbled surface. Commonly used in dresses, suits, and separates, crepe has day to - dinner flexibility. Many crepe separates,as skirt or tops can be worn ten months of the year. They do need to go away in really hot weather.  

Lambswool: It's a very soft yarn primarily used in sweaters. Because it sheds a lot, I recommend keeping it away from black trousers or skirts! To lighten your look, consider matching your lambswool sweater with a lovely bright print skirt or a pair of trousers and for who prefers wearing a solid colour, I suggest with colours as cream red or blue nut not black.
Merino: This thin, woolen, twilled cloth was developed during the nineteenth century from the wool of the merino sheep. Today merino is most often used for sweaters. It can cause itching for women with sensitive skin. Merino is usually more affordable than many other wools.

Cashmere: It's more expensive yarn but worth the cost. A cashmere sweater made form our designers will last a life time.Check out our lovely wool collection on our website. Use the coupon: SPECIALSALE for 15% OFF on items not on sale


Happy Shopping!

Letizia x

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