Friday, 11 December 2015

A beautiful review about DiGuardo boutique from Katya Zapletnyuk.

DiGuardo boutique is a heaven of independent, feminine, high-end clothing

Lucky to be a DiGuardo customer for several years I was inspired to build up a wardrobe of timeless pieces of highest quality that I love to come back to season after season.

Between masses of Oxford Street’s affordable fashion and glittering designer stores of Mayfair true style in London is often hard to spot.
DiGuardo’s Sicilian-born owner Letizia, has nailed the style that speaks with quiet confidence through clever cuts, beautiful colours and subtle detailing rather than a prominently-placed logo.

A perfect reflection of Letizia’s personal taste the DiGuardo boutique offers a unique combination of high-end clothing by independent designers from Europe and the US that is classic, contemporary and endlessly desirable.
The collection mixes exquisite prints, luxurious sand-washed silks and cosy knits from London-based Australian designer Kelly Love with classic, feminine pieces from UK brand SULA and versatile, sophisticated designs by Belgian Nathalie Vleeschouwer to name a few. The boutique also features timeless one-off dresses by London artist Clover Peake and Italian Muta Design. Accessories include cashmere scarves by Front Row Society and hand-made jewellery by Sicilian designer Annalisa Cutore – exclusive to DiGuardo.
Letizia offers personal styling advice that will help you create outfits for any occasion highly original but never overdone.

DiGuardo garments enhance the personality and natural beauty of the wearer and will take you through all social events feeling, looking and being gorgeous. Look no further.

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