Tuesday, 25 February 2014

"Bourne England Collection" - New at DiGuardo boutique this Spring/Summer 2014

We are very happy to introduce you another amazing fashion collection this Spring/ Summer 2014:   "The Bourne England Collection"

Bourne England Launched in 2004 by sisters Sarah & Lizzie Lambourne. The designers, Sarah and Lizzie, set out to develop a look that appealed to women of all ages who appreciate modern, sexy style with a confident approach to dressing. The designers produce new lines every six months. Bourne is a fashion led business and although trends are considered, the sisters make every effort to produce a unique and glamorous collection that continues to echo the original brand philosophy. Bourne is often seen on the best dressed women at prestigious events throughout the social season. Ladies Day, proms, polo matches, Ascot  and weddings to name a few.

Perfect for our DiGuardo ladies. 

We look forward to showing you the lovely garments.


Please email Letizia if you would like to book a private appointment.

Thank you.
Letizia xx

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