Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Vivetta Winter 2013.

Elegance, Irony & Femininity are the delicate and joyful patterns of Vivetta.

Retro, delicate, light and ironic is the femininity shining in the Fall/Winter 2013-2014 collection of Vivetta, brand created by the brilliant fashion designer Vivì Ponti, featuring some patterns – bows, lips, faces and also hands, turned into details and decorations of items as the enchanting collars if shirts – that are a leitmotiv of her work: refined volumes that celebrate the new-lolita, Sixties suggestions, impressed on the volumes of jackets, shirts, dresses and coats, a palette of colors including white, black, gold, yellow, blue, the bright light acid green, a light shade of pink and light blue, combined with red ( one of my favorite colors combinations), a nice knitwear and fabrics as silk, wool, lame, ad velvet, successful evidence of elegance, a joyful romanticism and poetry.

Charlotte Dress

Gisto Dress

Bibi Bows

                                                                 Linda Dress

Lulu Golden Dress

The collection is available to buy at our shop online now.

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