Monday, 27 August 2012

Charlotte Taylor AW12 at DiGuardo boutique.

Charlotte Taylor AW12 Collection Story

Autumn / Winter 2012 illustrates a journey of two tales united. Two tales that span 76 years but share a wild, uninhibited love for the depth, variety, astounding beauty and fascinating history of mag
nificent Cornwall. The journey began in October 2011 with a banjo playing old timer, his daughter, and their dog. Through wild weather, coastal walks, musical jazz evenings and pints of cider. Their travels by day continue through villages of discontinued tin mining towers. The beauty of these lone buildings, which scatter the Cornish landscape, are enhanced with the industrial prowess of their magnificent architectural interiors. The storm ravaged coasts, littered with the carcasses of once fine ships, ignites their imaginations and fuels stories of smugglers, pirates and battles. One evening, a salty sea dog rouses from his corner and begins to tell the tale of 'Jamaica Inn'. Written by Daphne Du Maurier in 1939 it is the legend of the smuggling hive that was the Jamaica Inn. Narrative of a young lady unexpectedly thrown into this dark, sinister world in the foothills of Bodmin moor.

Charlotte Taylor 
 is a luxury, Ready- to-Wear Womenswear clothes label  is at DiGuardo boutique and also at our shop online.

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