Sunday, 28 April 2013

The DiGuardo Photo Competition:

The DiGuardo Photo Competition:

Thank you so much everyone for sending us your photo wearing an item purchased at DiGuardo boutique.

We got a fair selection of shots together and it has been really fun to get a small glimpse of you wearing beautiful dresses, skirts, jewellery, tops and trousers in different situations.

Naturally there can be only one winner for the prize.

So the winning prize for the first ever DiGuardo Photo Competition, spring 2013 goes to Kawitha Vardeva for wearing the most items from DiGuardo boutique, radiating elegance and confidence. The photo also stands out for its simplicity and clarity of framing and straight on presentation of its subjects.A memorable shot.

For the non winners this time, we will be holding other competitions in the near future.So watch out and keep it in mind next time you dress up feeling great.

Thanks to you all 

Letizia xx

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